Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Idaho's Republican Governor About To Propose 100% Tax Increase For Our Car Registrations!!!

OMG! Continuing from several posts below, the Idaho Republican Party, which has been in total control of Idaho since 1995, is once again asking for a HUGE tax increase. This time, they will soon be proposing to increase our car registration fees by 100%!!! This breaking news from the Idaho Statesman reveals that the secretive plans to raise more revenue from Idaho’s taxpayers are just starting to come out in public view. Based on the state tax and fee comparison data I evaluated and discussed in a post below, this kind of increase would move Idaho from having the 24th highest car registration fees, on average, in the nation, to having the 8th highest car registration fees!!! We would go from being slightly below the average fee to being 65.96% above average!!!! Unreal. As detailed below, the Idaho Republican Party has been taxing and spending Idahoans to death for more than a decade now. We cannot continue on this path of fiscal insanity!!!!!
UPDATE: The Spokesman-Review's Betsy Russell is reporting in her blog (Eye on Boise, see hyperlink on the right of this page) that the new proposed car registration increase would be a flat fee of $150 per vehicle, regardless of age. This is huge. This is more than 100% for one of my cars. Her data is slightly different than the data I've evaluated--she says we move from being 30th to 17th in the nation with this massive tax increase.

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